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Charitable Tuition Partnership

Partnering With Us!

We are very grateful that you chose Clearwater Central Catholic High School to provide the finest educational experience for your child and we treasure the opportunity to partner with you in providing the very best in a Catholic education for your child. Despite these uncertain times of COVID-19, one thing you can be certain of is CCC’s commitment to providing your child with a quality, values-based education.

When determining tuition, we try to keep a balance between affordability and accessibility for our families and the strategic needs of the school. We encourage our families to keep in mind that the actual cost to educate a student is greater than the paid tuition.  That is even more apparent in these days of COVID-19 when some of our students’ parents are unemployed. Recognizing that many CCC families can still support the actual costs associated with their child’s education, we ask each family to partner with us in the financial costs associated with a CCC education by completing our Charitable Tuition Partnership form. For a form, email [email protected].

I assure you that Clearwater Central Catholic High School is committed to preparing your child to be an educated, compassionate, responsible, faith-filled person empowered to make a difference in the world today.  A CCC education is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child.  Our mission is strong.  Our commitment is steadfast.  Please know that we hold each of you in our daily thoughts and prayers.

In God’s provident care,

John A. Venturella, Ed.D.