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Center for Entrepeneurship & Innovation

 The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) provides a platform for learning and achievement, inspiring excellence with vision. This place is the evolution of our Collaborative Learning Commons (CLC). In addition to meeting the needs and purpose of CLC, the CEI provides a refreshing and visionary perspective to meet the current needs of our students enhancing their learning possibilities and opportunities. The CEI serves as an incubator for ideas and ultimately personal and social growth.

The CEI is intentionally placed in the middle of our new educational building to expand, inspire, and support the learning experiences happening in all our classrooms. The emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation helps to aim all educational efforts to higher levels of learning including creativity and evaluation. The CEI is primarily a space that facilitates individual and collaborative learning environments. The full layout provides active and creative learning through the following educational resources:

  • Computer lab for individual or group usage with enhanced educational and productivity software
  • Journalism, broadcasting and social media area and tools (green screen, digital design, printing)
  • Small group private creative rooms with a projection screen and writable walls to facilitate teamwork
  • Common individual and collaborative creative area for teamwork using common screens to share information and ideas
  • Individual creative area

The following support services within the CEI will offer:

  • Learning Specialist with strategies to develop and enhance learning differences
  • Individual and group learning support services and resources (i.e. less-distractive learning space, extended-time production space, peer tutoring, learning strategies)
  • Educational technology support services and resources
  • Alumni and professional mentoring