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Who We Are

Our Mission

Clearwater Central Catholic High School, a college-preparatory school, is committed to educating students to use their minds for truth, hearts for love, and hands for service. Following Roman Catholic teachings and living the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame, we inspire our diverse student body to experience God's goodness and provident care by respecting the dignity of all persons and generously serving others for the betterment of the global society.


Our Vision

True to our founding mission and enriched by our shared core values, Clearwater Central Catholic High School, a community of faith and lifetime learners, aspires to develop creative leaders who respect themselves and others, who value service as a gospel calling, and who are inspired to excel in all endeavors.
We are a Catholic school in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. As a Diocesan, coeducational, college-preparatory school serving primarily the Upper Deanery of Pinellas County, we are committed to excellence in educating students of diverse ability levels. 


CCC Affirmations

As a Catholic Community called to educate the whole person according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we affirm the following:


That in a Christ-centered atmosphere, we are encouraged to discover, nurture, and share with others a personal relationship with Christ.


That our shared experience will model Christian living, foster appreciation for all peoples, and prepare us to meet the challenges of the future with faith and hope.


That we dedicate ourselves to growth in knowledge, love, and gospel service and to the promotion of justice and peace in our society.


Core Values

Living Faith

We strive to encourage each and every student to grow within their faith by including Catholic teachings, traditions and experiences in the core components of our education.

Inspiring Excellence

We believe that one of the most impactful ways to glorify God is to always do our best at every effort we undertake. By being our best selves, we can inspire those around our school community to do and be the same.

Valuing Service

From the classroom to the weight room, from the stage to the court, here at CCC all we do – we do with a giving heart. We infuse the importance of serving others into our basic curriculum and all co-curricular activities, from clubs to athletic teams.

Embodying Respect

At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, we aim to create a diverse student body in which every student is treated with dignity, respect, and as a unique child of God. All of our classrooms foster caring and respectful environments.

Transformed for Life!

As a Catholic Community educating in accordance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we ensure all students grow in faith, expand their minds, act courageously, serve others, and are prepared to confidently take their place in the world. We educate for life!