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Expectations & Handbook


Clearwater Central Catholic High School is a student-centered educational institution where each student’s personal growth is paramount. The Parent/Student Handbook is designed to acquaint you, the families and students, with the philosophy and policies of Clearwater Central Catholic High School, Inc. that will foster your student’s personal growth while here at CCC. Furthermore, it serves as the “written agreement’ between family and school in terms of the expectations CCC has for all students. The school administration reserves the right to amend any policy contained within the handbook at its discretion and updates to the handbook will be made as necessary.

Since this handbook contains the policies and procedures that implement our school philosophy, parents and students are expected to cooperate with and actively support the mission and values of the school as stated here. Parents are expected to support the decisions made by the school in compliance with these policies outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. The signatures of both you and your student(s) on the Commitment Form indicate your decision to support and uphold the school’s vision, mission, philosophy and goals and expectations as articulated in this handbook. By signing it, you acknowledge your willingness to adhere to everything contained in this handbook and, that failure to do so will result in disciplinary consequences.