A Moment with the President – Dr. V!

Welcome back to CCC! Every year is exciting at CCC but this one is particularly exciting because it is our 60th Anniversary. At the opening faculty meeting, I told the new teachers and staff, “you have joined a committed, talented, intelligent group of colleagues.” I meant it.

CCC has been blessed throughout the years with many gifted individuals that comprised what is now CCC’s great story. Throughout this year, we will recount many stories of our rich and glorious 60-year history. It will be fun to look back with pride and to look forward with a sense of hope and audacity as we face the future.

Last spring, we received two very generous gifts that changed the course of history at CCC. The latest is a gift of a nearly a million dollars from an anonymous family that were willing to place it in the Sister Mary Dion Scholarship Fund. What a blessing! CCC also received another large gift from a set of parents who have continuously been so generous to the school. Wow! Once again, CCC’s history reads very differently and more brightly because of their generous gift giving.

I think our teachers, staff, coaches, and administrators all deserve a round of applause. These generous donors gave because they felt their children had received so much from one or more of these dedicated men and women. I suspect this is most especially true for teachers and coaches as they spend so much time with our students. I salute them along with all the students and families that have come our way and helped us over the past 60 years.

If there was one word I could think of that would characterize CCC’s 60-year history, it is the word RISK. 

CCC started as a little one building schoolhouse back in 1962. It was a time of minimal growth and maximum risk—little money, few students, no real facilities. For example, the boys’ locker room consisted of a shed and hose. That alone tells you where we started and how far we have come!

In 1971, due to financial reasons, the school was slated to close. Thankfully, a group of parents decided to contact the Sisters of Notre Dame and solicit their help. They came and remained for over 30 years. With their lay colleagues and priests assigned here, they literally saved the school!

In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the school continued to grow. The Sisters led the charge in building the Notre Dame and Larkin Buildings. In 2004-2005, the Margaret Doyle Carter Science Building and the White Family Performing Arts Center.

In 2017, CCC embarked on its largest financial risk-a building project that saw us raze three buildings and build three building and the new Saint Julie Billiart Chapel in the White Family Center for the Arts. We have now embarked on another project, the Girls Locker Complex. I know we will be successful because God and St. Julie are with us.

As we begin our fundraising for this important and necessary initiative, I would ask that everyone participate to the degree you are able. For those who truly can’t do it, I ask you to pray every day for its success. I read this quote recently which I really liked, and I now share with you: “when it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump.” I think that says it all for CCC. We have always been bold and brave in making our dreams a reality despite the challenges. I have no doubt we are doing the same with this project and the many more that will come in the future.

As we begin another school year, I wish you and your families many blessings from our Good God. Have a great year!


Dr. V.