CCC is a faith-based community that believes service is an integral part of the spiritual and moral development of each person.  Our faith models itself on the Person of Jesus Christ who said, “Whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant…For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for man.” (Mark 10:43-45). Therefore, we require our students to complete service hours in order to help them grow in their appreciation of the importance of service to our world and to encourage them to integrate reaching out to others in their daily lives.

CCCHS Student Service Verifcation Form
Approved Service Sites

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Handbook 2017 and Beyond

  1. The number of service hours students are expected to fulfill to be in a student in good standing is provided below:
    • Sophomore year (prior to starting Junior year): 50 hours of service
    • Graduation: 100 total hours of service
  2. Incoming freshmen and transfer students cannot begin documenting hours until after their first day as a CCC student.
  3. The school publishes a current list of pre-approved community service agencies.  Click here for approved service sites. Service agencies not on this list must be pre-approved. Please contact coordinator of Student Volunteer hours, Mrs. Kira Garland  The following do not meet the CCC service requirements:
    • Service done during school hours
    • Service providing the student with any type of compensation
    • Service mandated by the court • Service performed for any family member
    • Volunteer service at a for-profit business(including doctor or vet’s offices and children’s day care centers)
    • Service done for political campaigns
  4. Students may be permitted to do some of their service hours for CCC. In all cases the CCC faculty or staff member must contact the Director of Student Activities for prior approval. Failure to receive prior approval will disallow the use of these hours. Assignment and verification of hours is dependent upon prior approval.
  5. When a student completes his/her service experience, it must be documented on the Student Service Hours Verification form found at top of this page of the website and submitted to his or her Theology teacher.
  6. Juniors are expected to have 50 hrs completed prior to the start of his or her junior year. Failure to complete can result in a delay in starting classes. Seniors must have completed 75 hours by the end of their first semester to be in good standing. Failure to be in good standing will affect eligibility for Honor Societies induction and issuing of honor cords. Athletics as well as all school related activities can be limited as a result. Seniors and Juniors will not be issued exam permits at the end of each semester if they do not complete their service requirement. In addition, they will not be permitted to attend Prom or Grad Bash. The completion of service hours is a graduation requirement. Therefore, seniors who have not met this graduation requirement will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremonies. A diploma will not be awarded until such time that the service hours have been completed.

Students need to download the Student Service Hours Verification form when completing their service hours.

Students must complete their hours in a community-based 501c3 non-profit agency. Church communities would be counted among those agencies that qualify.  No service hours will be granted for businesses outside of 501c3 nor can hours be completed through service to family members or any individuals.

Please turn your completed form in to Mrs. Kira Garland, Director of Student Activities and Student Service.