Student Government

Moderator name: Mrs. Kira Garland

2014-2015 Crest (3)
Takes place at each class level and is overseen by the Executive Council. Each class has a council, freshman through senior. Councils are comprised of approximately 8-10 homeroom representatives and 4 officers. Homeroom representatives interview for their position in front of a panel of teachers. Officers are elected by their classmates after campaigning and giving a speech in front of their class. Appointments are made at the end of the school year for sophomore, junior, senior and executive councils. Freshmen appointments are made at the beginning of the school year.

2019-2020 Student Council

Executive Council Members

  • President: Joseph Lucas
  • Vice President: Katie Rouge
  • Recording Secretary: Abby Erff
  • Corresponding Secretary: Quentin Mantilla
  • Treasurer: Connor Pelesh

Senior Council

  • President: Jackson Piccarreto
  • Vice President: Cullen Moorhead
  • Secretary: Reece Daily
  • Treasurer: Lauren Buete
  • Historians: Ashton Buettner and Sofia Castillo
  • Chaplain: TJ Phelps

Homeroom Representatives

  • Marissa Chan
  • Harrison Falker
  • Kara Franks
  • Nicole Grant
  • Madison Hickey
  • Emma Kornatowski
  • Olivia Rodriguez
  • Ainsley Vermost

Junior Student Council Members

  • President: Ian Turner
  • Vice President: Fidel Galaura
  • Secretary: Emma Norus
  • Treasurer: Trent Seidl

Homeroom Representatives

  • Lauren Catalano
  • Ryan Day
  • Zorie Dworzanowski
  • Schafer Eckardt
  • Dea Fejzo
  • Elizabeth Jordan
  • Grace Maynard
  • Katherine McKeon
  • Isabelle Otero
  • Alexandra Quattrocki
  • Kasey Singer
  • Evelyn Vaughan

Sophomore Student Council Members

  • President: Mary Reimann
  • Vice President: Michelle Weber
  • Secretary: Miranda Westrich
  • Treasurer: Riley Deputy

Homeroom Representatives

  • Kara Artz
  • Adrian Botouroglou
  • Allison Carson
  • Taylor Galloway

Freshmen Student Council Members

  • President: TBD
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

Homeroom Representatives

  • TBD