Brain Bowl

Moderator: Dr. Michael Clark

Are you a future Jeopardy champion or a Trivia Master? Brain Bowl is for YOU!!! We meet each week to challenge ourselves and expand our knowledge base so we can demonstrate our prowess at the annual Brain Bowl competition held at St. Leo University each spring. Question: Who loves all kinds of trivia and enjoys the experience of intellectual competition? Answer: See you at Brain Bowl!

Ethics Bowl Club


Ethics Bowl is great preparation for a future attorney, legislator, or researcher. During our weekly gatherings, Ethics Bowl club members are presented with 15 real-life ethical dilemmas ranging in topic from dating a friend’s ex-girlfriend to global terrorism and from genetically modified food sources to cheating on homework. Members of the Ethics Bowl club research solutions to these varied ethical dilemmas and prepare arguments and rebuttals for the National High School Ethics Bowl regional competition in February. During the competition, CCC’s teams face off against other schools to determine who should qualify for the national Ethics Bowl competition.

Morning Star Amigos

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Shannon

Morning Star Catholic School, a mission of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, recognizes the unique educational needs of students.  The school provides an ungraded curriculum in which students can achieve their full potential.  Morning Star Amigos is a CCCHS student club that fosters a strong bond between our school and Morning Star Catholic School so that both of our schools may enrich the other.

New Officers for Morning Star Amigos – our student led club empowered to sustain and strengthen the bonds between Clearwater Central Catholic High School and Morning Star Catholic School in Pinellas.

Peer Ministers

Moderator: Mr. Andrew Shannon

Students who have passion for God and compassion for God’s people, show evidence of a committed relationship to Jesus Christ and love the adventure of sharing Jesus Christ with our campus and world. Rising juniors and seniors can apply in the spring and must attend a local parish/church. Peer ministers help coordinate underclassmen retreat programs and other pertinent areas of campus ministry.

Drama Club

Moderator: Mr. Russ Wendt

You do not have to be in the plays or in a Drama class to be a member. If you play sports, belong to other clubs, it doesn’t matter! Come out and join us! If you have talents, if you don’t know if you have talent, even if you are certain you don’t have talent, please come out and join the Drama Club because all are welcome. Be a part of the productions, go to district and state competitions, have a blast and make some great friends!

Entrepreneurs Club

Moderator Name: Mr. Michael Aquino

Calling all innovators, inventorsvisionaries and risk-takers! Is there a great idea rattling around in your head that needs to get out? Have you ever wondered how to start your own business and put your talents to work for you? Well stop dreaming and start doing! The CCCHS Entrepreneurs Club can help you formulate your ideas, create a business plan and launch your own enterprise. So, do you have what it takes to enter our shark tank? The CCCHS Entepreneurs Club will hold its meetings the first Thursday of every month at 2:45 in the CEI. Come join us! 

Model United Nations

Moderator: Ms Regi O’Brien

The Model United Nations Club offers Clearwater Central Catholic students a chance to debate world issues from the diplomatic stance of foreign nations. Its purpose is to promote awareness and understanding of global issues in the context of the United Nations.

Robotics Team and Tech Club

Moderator: Mr. Michael Briggs

The Robotics Team and Tech Club offers students a venue for exploring engineering and scientific issues at a deeper level. Technology is the real-world application of scientific discoveries, so the Tech Club explores ways that scientific discoveries have been made manifest in our world. In a ‘reverse engineering’ sort of way, the Tech Club strives to discern the scientific principles underlying the plethora of technological gadgets that surround us. Students also delve into engineering robots and exploring the basic principles of robotics and the programming necessary to control robotic elements. Our activities are centered on building devices and taking mechanisms apart to see how they work. The Club built a computer; and we have dissembled numerous computers, VCR’s, microwave ovens, copies, and sundry other machines.

Student Ambassadors

Moderators Name: Mrs. Tara McLaughlin and Mr. Corey Wells

Student Ambassadors assist the Admissions Office by representing CCC at presentations to partner schools and assist with events such as Back-To-School Night, Discover CCC Night, and Discover CCC Days.  Ambassadors are expected to be articulate, personable, outstanding role models and good students. Student Ambassadors are obliged to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have no failing grades. Ambassadors are chosen in the Spring from the freshman class through nominations and an interview process.  The freshmen will be responsible in assisting with the CCC Shadow Program.

CCCHS Praise Band

Moderator: Mr. Ross Kimura

Praise Band – The Music Ministry for our all school Masses, which are held once a month. The Praise Band provides music to complement our Liturgical Celebrations. We are actively looking to secure students who have an interest or background as vocalists or instrumentalists and have a heart for Our Lord, His Blessed Sacrament and God’s people. We hold practice two – three times prior to our monthly all school Masses; beyond that, we lead music for the all school liturgical celebrations.  Praise Band fluctuates with membership from 7 to 12 student and 2-3 adults.

Water 4 Mercy Student Service Chapter

Moderator: Mrs. Beth Lani

The CCC Chapter of Water 4 Mercy was established to engage students at Clearwater Central Catholic High School in the philanthropic and humanitarian efforts of the international non-profit organization Water 4 Mercy. Water 4 Mercy uses innovative technologies to provide clean water, agriculture, and educational solutions to permanently end thirst, hunger, and poverty in our world, especially rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more.


Moderator: Mr. Andy Munoz

High school flies by! Capture your memories, highlight the best times of your high school career and make them permanent in CCC’s annual publication that commemorates your each year in high school.