This ministry is offered to upperclassmen (11th and 12th grade) who apply in the spring, are interviewed, appointed, and then empowered to grow in their own relationship with Jesus Christ by serving the underclassmen.

A wise person once stated that Jesus Christ spent ¾ of his public ministry with only 12 people. Those 12 people, of course, were the Apostles. By pouring himself into those 12 lives, Jesus knew that the Apostles would replicate that model in successive generations and hence we now have the Church, a 2,000-year-old institution that started as a Small Christian Community (SCC). Small Christian Communities are at the heart of CCC’s efforts with Peer Ministry. The goals of Peer Ministry are to encourage underclassmen to develop their spirituality via witness talks and small group discussions; to connect underclassmen to the larger community of CCC; to model for the underclassmen that Catholicism is fully experienced in community; and to encourage underclassmen to participate in the adventure of living in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On Thursday, the peer ministers partnered with freshmen to establish a mentoring relationship that will ease the transition for most, if not all, of our new freshmen. Like Jesus with his Apostles, our hope is that our “CCC Peer Ministers” will excite the next generation of Marauders to consider the Rabbi from Nazareth as their most important teacher.