Honors/Advanced Placement Programs

The honors and Advanced Placement programs at Clearwater Central Catholic High School provide intensive study beyond the regular college preparatory curriculum. Students who master this program are prepared to apply and gain acceptance into the country's most prestigious colleges and universities.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are offered in almost all subject areas and are designed to meet the needs of above-average students. Because of the above-grade-level challenge, students are given 0.5 quality points for taking honors courses.

Typical Honors/AP Advanced Studies Curriculum
Grade English Math Science Social Studies World Language

English 9H

Algebra I H

Geometry H

 Biology H

World History H
Spanish 1H
10th English 10H Geometry H

Algebra 2H

Chemistry H

American History H

AP US History
Spanish 2H
AP English 11
Language and Composition
Algebra II H
Pre Calc H
Physics H
AP Environmental Science

AP Biology
AP Human Geography Spanish 3H
12th AP English 12 
Literature and Composition
Pre-Calc H

AP Calculus
Physics H  

AP Environmental Science

AP Biology
AP Gov't.

AP Human Geography
Spanish 4H 

AP Spanish Language

Advanced Placement Program

The College Board Advanced Placement courses present college level material created to provide what colleges consider rigorous curriculum. Students are recommended based on grades, teacher recommendation, and placement test scores. AP courses conclude with students taking the College Board subject test in May. Successful performance on the examination may result in college credit or advanced placement in college courses. Students are given an additional 1.0 quality points for taking an AP course.


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