Social Studies Department Philosophy

"The members of the Social Studies Department affirm that in an academic setting, we develop a shared body of knowledge, foster appreciation for all people and encourage active participation as citizens of the world community."

Debbie Stuebner, Department Chairperson

Department Goals

The students will

  • Identify, understand and work to solve the problems facing our diverse nation in an increasingly interdependent world. (National Council Social Studies)
  • Appreciate the benefits of diversity and community, the value of widespread economic opportunity, and the contributions that people of both genders and the full range of ethnic, racial and religious groups have made to our society. (National Council Social Studies)
  • Narrate, listen and persuade effectively through technology, rhetoric and writing. (Florida K-12 State Guidelines)
  • Connect knowledge with beliefs and action using critical thinking skills that leads to active civic participation  (National Council Social Studies)
  • Make decisions based upon Catholic and democratic principles.

Course Sequence







World History

World History Honors



American History

American History Honors



Global Studies

AP US History

IB History of the Americas 


American Gov’t & Economics


AP US Gov’t & Politics

IB 20tth Century Topics HL

Electives: Law Studies, Psychology, Sociology


Department Highlights:

  • International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Honors and Regular classes provide academic challenge and meet student needs
  • Model United Nations and the International Club provide extra curricular activities to the Social Studies program.

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