Science Department Philosophy

"The Science Department assists students in developing the use of the scientific method, to recognize the interdependence of all living things, to teach the proper use of scientific equipment and to develop an understanding of physical phenomena."

Department Goals

The student will:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of science.
  • Develop a feeling of respect with regard to science and scientific principles within society.
  • Be provided with the knowledge and interest to prepare for his or her future endeavors.
  • Meet a wide variety of academic needs as well as be provided with ample learning opportunities.

Course Sequence







   Physical Science

Physical Science / Biology Honors





Biology/Chemistry Honors




Chemistry or Elective

Physics Honors, Honors Anatomy

AP Biology, AP Environmental Science

IB Biology HL/Physics SL


Physics or Elective

Physics Honors/ Anatomy Honors

AP Biology/AP Environmental Science

IB Biology HL/Physics SL

Elective:   Marine Biology


The Science Department Faculty

  • Science faculty is certified and very experienced in their teaching areas. Three members have their Masters Degree.
  • Department members evidence commitment to their students as demonstrated by additional support time before, after and outside school business hours.
  • The diverse backgrounds and specialties of department members provide students with a “kaleidoscope” of learning styles and course offerings to meet their varied needs and interests.
  • Coordination and support within and across courses demonstrates strong department unity and a cooperative spirit.
  • Department members are well-prepared, enthusiastic, and maintain a good rapport with the students.
  • Provides laboratory investigations in each class to broaden and enhance “hands-on” knowledge and skills.
  • More than 100% of the student body chose a science course in 2004-2005 school year as a result of students selecting two or more science electives concurrently. This situation has basically remained the same through the past 10 years.

Department Highlights

  • The science faculty pride themselves on preparedness, enthusiasm and good rapport with students.
  • The semester electives provide students with flexibility, meeting the needs of different learners.
  • The science classrooms are equipped with computers and laser disk technology.
  • Field work and "hands-on" experience include trips to the Florida Aquarium, and marine studies in the Sawgrass Lake when available.
  • Most of the Valedictorians and Salutatorians from the past eight years have been "Science/PreMed" majors.
  • AP Physics is now offered.
  • A new “State of the Arts” science building equipped with internet access throughout.
  • Animal dissections in Zoology and Marine Biology.
  • Use of “on-campus” nature trail for Ecology and Advanced Placement of Environmental Sciences (APES) classes.

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