Our Catholic Identity

  • The Catholic school is an evangelizing, educational community.
  • The spiritual formation of the entire school community is an essential dimension of the Catholic school's mission.
  • The Catholic school is a unique faith-centered community which integrates thinking and believing in ways that encourage intellectual growth, nurture faith, and inspire action.
  • The Catholic school is an experience of the church's belief, tradition, and sacramental life.
  • The Catholic school creates a supportive and challenging climate which affirms the dignity of all persons within the school community.

National Congress on Catholic Schools for the 21st Century, 1991

"Clearwater Central Catholic High School is clearly one of the brightest beacons in the nation as you affirm your commitment as a Catholic school in the 21st Century."

- Michael Guerra, NCEA Executive Director

From the first moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith, and having its own unique characteristics.

Par. 25, The Religious Dimensions of Education in a Catholic School, 1988.

The Catholic school loses its purpose without constant reference to the Gospel and a frequent encounter with Christ. It derives all the energy necessary for its educational work from Him and thus 'creates in the school community an atmosphere permeated with the Gospel spirit of freedom and love.' "

The Catholic School, 1977.; interior quote from Declaration of Christian Education, Vatican Council II, 1966, #8.

The Sisters of Notre Dame

For thirty-five years CCC flourished under the leadership of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  We were infused by their charism, a deep experience of God's goodness and provident care, and developed a rich tradition of strong academics and service under their guidance and leadership.  Even as we move to a lay leadership, the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame remains an integral part of our school culture.  St. Julie Billiart, spiritual mother of the Sisters of Notre Dame, reminds us often of "how good is the Good God."

Clearwater Central Catholic High School
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