Vision of Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Department serves to foster the development of faith filled leaders by calling each member of our CCC community

  • to deepen his/her own spirituality
  • to contribute to the building up of a school community rooted in Gospel values
  • to transform our society by acting for justice with and for others, especially the poor and marginalized 

Department Responsibilities

  • Plan school liturgies, paraliturgies and penance services
  • Recruit & train retreat leaders
  • Plan and coordinate class and faculty retreats
  • Identify students with community service
  • Plan and coordinate a Service Fair
  • Connect students to local service organizations
  • Oversee service projects
  • Moderate Outreach - a school service organization
  • Connect students with their parishes
  • Support parish and diocesan youth programs

Enthronement of the Relic of St. Julie Billiart

On Tuesday, November 1, 2011 after The Feast of All Saints Mass, Sister Mary Dion Horrigan, S.N.D presided over the Enthronement of the Relic of St. Julie Billiart inside the Chapel on CCC's campus. Sister Dion placed the relic behind a specially designed glass display case. After the placement of the relic inside the  case  Sister Mary Dion led the assembly of students, parents, faculty, and administrators in prayer.

 Display in CCC Chapel of Relic of St. Julie Billiart 

     Relic of St. Julie Billiart      



Spiritual Mother of the Sisters of Notre Dame

 July 12, 1751 – April 8, 1816

Saint Julie was a woman completely immersed in God’s love and goodness, even in the midst of great suffering. She was a woman of vision who responded to the needs of the suffering world around her.

 Born in Cuvilly, France, on July 12, 1751, Julie lived a humble life in a loving family. She was a woman of serenity, despite the great personal suffering she endured. The Billiart family survived many hardships, including the deaths of several children. When Julie was 16, she went to work to help support her family. At the age of 23 she became paralyzed by the trauma of a shooting that was aimed at her father. She spent more than 20 years confined to her bed, unable to care for even her most basic needs.

Besides her physical pain, Julie suffered religious persecution, lived in hiding as a refugee. Throughout her suffering, she steadfastly trusted in God’s goodness. At the age of 53, Julie and her very good friend, Françoise Blin de Bourdon, along with two other women, made their vows as Sisters of Notre Dame in Amiens, France.

 Julie reached out to the poor and forgotten, she brought comfort and hope to those  around her, she encouraged faith in the seeking and the lost. More than anything else, she was a witness to the deep, loving goodness of God. Her motto and mantra was: “Oh, how good God is!” In 1969 Julie was named a saint by the Catholic Church. The impact that Saint Julie had on the world continues through the life and ministry of the sisters who share in her heritage. Julie’s sisters ministered here from 1971 – 2007. We here at CCC have been entrusted by the Sisters of Notre Dame with living the charism of St. Julie. Put simply it is a call to live out of a deep experience of God’s goodness and provident care which moves us to say: “God is good. All the time.” St. Julie Billiart, pray for us.

                                                                     Excerpted from © 2004 The Sisters of Notre Dame. All rights reserved.

Components of our Campus Ministry
Ministry of the Word
Sharing the Good News
Build the relationship between God and God's people, through the celebration of the sacraments and prayer services.
Connect students to their faith community and help young people grow personally and spiritually.
Guidance and Healing
Respond to needs for spiritual and personal counseling.
Call young people to service and social responsibility.
Empower students and faculty to grow, lead and minister.
Listening, caring, and speaking out
for our youth before the Church.


Promote Your Parish or Community Event/Recognize a Student's Accomplishments
Promote a Future Service Hour Opportunity

Msgr. Devine & Friends 
Mission Trip to South Africa
sponsored by Niall Mellon Township Trust (Ireland)


Msgr Michael F. Devine
Minister of Presence and Encouragement



Mary Alice Beck, a sophomore at Clearwater Central Catholic High School holds her hammer firmly as she taps the head of a nail into the side of a wooden panel. She and more than one hundred of her classmates gather next to the school’s baseball field to assemble 10 wooden platforms. When the work is complete, the 11-by-11 foot platforms will be delivered to Pinellas Hope, a homeless shelter for adults. (click here for more...)


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Season of Service
 Spirit of Giving
Thank you students, parents faculty and staff for your countless generous gifts of time, talent and treasure!  Hundreds of individuals and families benefited from this season's student serice projects including Pinellas Hope, RCS, St. Peter Claver Catholic School, migrant families of St. Clement Catholic Church and Family First.  For a summary of service projects click here.


















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