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We know that a Catholic school education is a significant investment for any family. As a school of the Diocese of St. Petersburg we are committed to providing access to all, we invest significant resources in our tuition assistance program to make a Clearwater Central Catholic High School education affordable.

Clearwater Central Catholic High School offers tuition assistance to students whose families demonstrate financial need.  Based on available funds and the number of applicants each year, Clearwater Central Catholic makes every effort to provide assistance to those families who need help.  We can do this thanks to the generosity of benefactors who contribute to our tuition assistance fund.  In fact, we provide $684,281 in need-based tuition assistance and scholarships for some 20 percent of our students.

To be considered for this assistance, families must complete the financial application at the FACTS Grant Aid Assessment (FGAA) website. The application deadline is April 1, 2016.

The application process for financial aid is separate from the admissions process. New families may begin the financial aid process before the official notification of their student’s acceptance and final registration. However, they must complete the entire admission application and be accepted to Clearwater Central Catholic before they will hear back from the Finance Office on their potential financial aid grant.  It is advised that families work on admissions and financial aid applications concurrently.

Tuition assistance decisions are made separately from the admissions process and have no impact on a student’s eligibility for admission.

Families are required to reapply for tuition assistance each year. Every attempt is made to provide ongoing assistance to returning students that demonstrate continued need.

Tuition Assistance Contacts

Janet Ashe, Director of Finance and Operations, (727) 531-1449 ext. 331
Email Janet:

Judy Eurton, Bookkeeper, (727) 531-1449 ext. 317
Email Judy:

Ronda Gracie, Assistant Bookkeeper, (727) 531-1449 ext. 460
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