“Get Involved” is a common catchphrase at Clearwater Central Catholic High School.

We certainly expect our students to get involved – to immerse themselves in their studies and their activities, to pursue their interests, to develop their talents, and to share them with others. Call it what you will – Marauder Pride, Marauder Spirit, or simply being a good student and citizen. It’s part of the fabric of what makes Clearwater Central Catholic special.

There’s another common expression at the school: Marauders for Life. Members of our community become a part of Clearwater Central Catholic, and Clearwater Central Catholic becomes a part of them.

Clearwater Central Catholic could not be possible without the involvement of our parents. Whether it’s serving as a role model for our students, supporting them at events and games, volunteering their time, or making financial contributions in support of our mission – we need them to participate! Parent’s active participation is crucial to the life of Clearwater Central Catholic High School.

Parents, we need you to “Get Involved!”