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Partnering With Us!

As educators we partner with you in the most important mission. It is the mission we take very seriously – to provide the very best Catholic and college preparatory education possible for your child. And the key word is you child!

In a variety of ways we here at CCC take seriously our role as partners in this mission:

  • We Partner with you by providing a quality, Catholic, valued-centered education for your child rooted in the gospel message and reinforced of the values you espouse at home.
  • We Partner with you by providing a serious learning environment where your son or daughter can grow, learn and achieve to their highest potential in the classroom and in all academic areas.
  • We Partner with you by providing ample opportunity for your child to engage and involve in school activities and develop the leadership skills so necessary for success in today’s world.
  • We Partner with you by providing Guidance and Collage Placement Services that are centered on the individual, rooted in personal accomplishment and focused on a balanced approach.
  • We Partner with you by providing a comprehensive and successful athletic program in order that your child can learn the life skills of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.
  • We Partner with you by providing a unique and ample opportunity for your son or daughter to participate in the arts, music, theatre and the like in order that each can discover, nurture and develop their own inner talents and gifts.

In these ways and many more, we at Clearwater Central Catholic High School celebrate our mission each day – the education of your child.

Our Cost of Education Partnership is a personal invitation to each of our parents to consider making a charitable gift above and beyond the stated tuition toward the actual cost of education. This partnership affords our school the opportunity to sustain the many programs and activities that we currently have.

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