There are many events that transpired throughout this year’s homecoming week (October 8 – 12, 2018). On Monday, the whole student body was a disaster. Considering it was Fashion Disaster Day, the students were given a pass, but between the socks and sandals or sweatpants and boots, the students were in disarray. The fun continued throughout the night as the students spent hours decorating their class hallways for their class’ theme: For freshman, it was The Lion King; for sophomores, Toy Story; for juniors, it was The Nightmare Before Christmas; and for seniors, Peter Pan. It took yards of painter’s tape and construction paper to build these scenes, but they all turned out well in the end.

Tuesday was Dynamic Duo Day, and many students geared up to tackle the day as pairs. There were sightings of Tom and Jerry, Cosmo and Wanda, and Salt and Pepper. Additionally, the students spent the afternoon expressing their art skills by creating themed masterpieces on the sidewalk of the MAC. Thursday, the students were dressed up as a character from their designated theme. There was arrangement of Tinker Bells, Simbas, Pumpkin Kings, and toys spread throughout the classrooms. The fun continued with cinema night, where students put on a brilliant show for all who arrived. The students created videos according to their class theme that captured the CCC homecoming spirit.

On Friday, every student displayed their class spirit by wearing the class created T-shirt and screaming their original chants during the homecoming pep rally. The excitement that continued through the night with the big homecoming football game against CCC’s rival school, Calvary Christian High School. Molly Simmons and Tyler Paul were crowned Homecoming Queen and King. This was not the only win of the night, for after crowning the king and queen, the seniors won the homecoming trophy for getting the most points for all homecoming events discussed. The Marauder Varsity Football Team took home a win 48-12. All in all, most students would agree this was a homecoming for the history.


Written by Samantha Monti ’19, Central Voice Editor-In-Chief