Students Attend Global Leadership Summit in Peru

In March, CCC president Dr. John Venturella and six students (Ellie Simmons, Molly Simmons, Brandon Boudreau, Giulianna Klein, Lily Fox and Jennifer Spencer) travelled to Peru for a Global Leadership Summit where they had the opportunity to join with other students from around the world in exploring what it means to be a global citizen in today’s economy and discovering the importance of protecting cultural traditions for future generations.  The students heard from world-renowned speakers on global citizenship and innovation, attended expert-led workshops, and were given the chance to creatively solve pressing global issues.

Using Design Thinking—a creative problem-solving technique used by companies like Apple and Google—international teams of students created and presented solutions to pressing global challenges. CCC senior Ellie Simmons led an international group of students awarded the gold medal for their globalization project, Beachcomber.  Their project will stand in Stockholm with the Nobel Peace Prize projects for one year!

The trip to Peru also included a cultural excursion to Lima’s historic, colonial section; two days of service helping to build an office building in an under-served community with no electricity and very little running water in the Sacred Valley. The students also worked with Kantaya, a cooperative founded for the education of children in this impoverished community.  Following was an incredible visit to Macchu Picchu. A tour of the ancient Inca City and its various rooms and buildings was unforgettable and the views were breathtaking!

Clearly, Deepak Copra’s words came to life for Dr. Venturella and the students, “Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”   CCC students, armed with this international experience, are ready to do just that!

Check out the video below to share their experience in Peru!