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2018 The school community is brought together in the James B. White Performing Arts Center at the beginning of the year, mid-way through the year and at the end of the year. Assemblies help introduce new teachers, staff and students and it allows administration and the executive council a chance to give the students a sneak peek at what is to come throughout the school year. The students enjoy these moments because it allows them time to laugh, relax and enjoy. It also gives them something to look forward to.

Talent Show

This night is a student showcase, dedicated to all those students who have talents to entertain. Students sign up and are given the opportunity to preform center stage in the Preforming Arts Center. Acts include singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, acting, magic tricks, stand-up, etc. It is always a wonderfully entertaining evening.

Christmas Week

This week usually takes place in the first or second week of December and is dedicated to creating all kinds of Christmas cheer! There are dress down days sprinkled throughout the week to get students in the Christmas spirit and lots of fun activities like decorating classroom doors, building gingerbread houses, ugly sweater competition and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and Christmas movie night. As a Catholic school, Christmas is an essential holiday and we make sure to fully indulge in the season to honor the birth of our savior.

Each year, students set aside an entire day to reflect with their class. Usually mass or a prayer service is held and there are opportunities for silent and group reflection. Peer ministers assist with leading group activities and help plan the agenda for the day. Grades 9-11 will have their retreat on campus while seniors usually travel to an offsite location for some special group bonding.

Club Recruitment Day

On this day, students have the opportunity to hear about and interact with all the different co-curricular clubs and organizations offered by the school. Generally, different stations are set up in the McLaughlin Center with posters and information pertaining to the clubs so students have the chance to get involved.

Drama Productions

Performing Arts touches all aspects of acting, theater history, dramatic criticism and stagecraft, and heavily emphasizes the basics of acting including characterization, intention, movement, given circumstances and conflict. The Performing Arts course includes lecture, projects, monologue and scene work and Productions range from one act plays to major productions.

Dress Out Days

These are fun, organized days in which students can wear an approved CCC shirt with jeans, uniform shorts or pants and closed toed shoes. These special days give students the opportunity to support a special cause, recognize a certain sport or group on campus or even raise money. Sometimes we call these days “Red Out Days” in recognition or sports team if they have a big game coming up. Apparel for these days can be purchased through Sports Katz or from the school store.

Good Samaritan Card Project

You are most likely in possession of a Good Samaritan Card because you were witnessed doing a kind deed and are here to find out more about it.

You’re awesome for being a such kind person and thank you for participating in the CCCHS Good Samaritan Card Project! This project was originally done in New York City as The Kindness Card Project ( /@thekindnesscard on Instagram) and was based on a study done at Stanford University. Its purpose was to see how far kindness could spread.

Similarly, we would like to see how far the kindness of our small school can spread in our community and perhaps beyond. We are calling our project The CCCH Good Samaritan Project. The cards were initially given to our peer ministers and student council members at our annual St. Julie Billiart Leadership Retreat at the end of July. From there, students were to spread the cards anytime they witnessed anyone being altruistically kind. Cards are to be initialed by the recipient and passed on in a similar manner in which they were received.

Bearers of a card are also invited to share their kindness story if they so choose at the survey link listed on the card. This project will end on September 1st and that time, we ask that the bearer bring/send in all cards to the CCCHS Front Office so we can analyze data. Our goal is to see how many people were affected by each card, how far the cards reached and potentially how many acts of kindness were completed.

Altruistic kindness is very important to our school mission and curriculum. At CCC, we are encouraged and challenged by the Church Community to see God in all things, certainly in all people. A fundamental teaching of the Church is the inherent dignity of each human being as made in the likeness of God. Since we are God’s children and by extension Jesus Christ’s brothers and sisters, how wonderful it is that by serving others, we are in fact, serving Jesus.

Please join us in participating in this simple project and help us spread the word. Thanks so much for kindness and participation. And remember – throw kindness around like confetti!

Homecoming Week

Homecoming is the BEST WEEK EVER at CCC! Students look forward to this special week all year long! Students and staff are encouraged to dress down all week according to the themes set for each day. What makes our homecoming week so special is that each of the grades gets to choose a theme as a basis for various competitions throughout the week such as halls decorating, movie production, class chant, sidewalk designs and a T-shirt design. Classes have a competitive but friendly rivalry throughout the week in which they compete for points to be victorious. The winner is announced at the homecoming football game on Friday. On Saturday night, everyone celebrates and wraps up the week’s festivities at the Homecoming Dance. One last thing that makes the week so special is the tradition of partnering with the Children’s Dream Fund to help raise money for children with life-threatening illnesses.

Lit Magazine

Silent Epiphanies, CCCHS Student Literary Magazine

The school Literary Magazine, Silent Epiphanies, has a print and online presence that is both independent of and in association with the school newspaper, The Central Voice. This publication is supported by students enrolled in the creative writing class and by those who write poems, short stories or essays on their own. Student visual art is also spotlighted throughout the publication.


CCCHS gathers around the Eucharistic table once a month in the White Family Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Holy Days or other prominent Feast Days. The Eucharist is the source and summit of all Sacraments and our community takes great solace in knowing that we encounter Jesus Christ in four distinct ways through the Mass. Those ways are in His Body and Blood, His Word, His Priest and His People. Students are encouraged to take liturgical leadership roles through the Ministry of Altar Servers, Readers, Gift Bearers and Music Ministers. Our School Chaplain alternates with other area priests to preside at these liturgical celebrations. Our hope is that our Masses are the one, true sign that Jesus Christ is the Reason for this School.

Movie Nights

These nights are an opportunity for students to come, relax, and watch a movie together. They are sometimes themed around holidays such as a scary movie around Halloween and a Christmas movie near Christmas. Feel free to bring chairs, blankets and snacks when you come to enjoy the movie!


The Central Voice, CCCHS Student Newspaper

The school newspaper is printed six times a year and is distributed to students, faculty, and staff. The online newspaper contains multimedia and is updated weekly. Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and others who are interested in the CCC community are encouraged to subscribe.

Both the print and online newspapers are critiqued yearly by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) and American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA). The Central Voice has been a Gold Medal and First Place award winner.

Prayer Services

CCCHS comes together periodically on the Hurley Quad (outside of the Main Hurley Building) as a community to remind ourselves about the centrality of God in our school. These prayer services often revolve around our special charism as a school in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame as well as the Liturgical Year. For instance, we like to gather on October 1, which is considered Foundation Day or the day that the Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld, Germany came into existence. Advent, Holy Week and St. Blasé day are other moments in time where our school community pauses to remind ourselves of God’s Goodness and Provident Love.


This is a chance for Juniors and Seniors to get together, dress up, dance, and have fun. This time of year is frequented with “promposals”(creative ways of asking people to prom) and is always great fun.

2018 Prom Expectations
2018 Prom Guest Permission Form (for non-CCC students)

Senior Week

This is a week planned to recognize the senior class as they prepare for graduation and also the junior class as rising seniors. The week starts off with a Junior/Senior recognition ceremony in which the current senior class recognizes the juniors as future leaders of the school. There is also a Junior/Senior breakfast, senior slideshow, presentation of senior superlatives, the senior picnic and the much anticipated Grad Bash trip. Prom is also usually around this time to add to the fun and festivities.

Spring Fling Week

Spring Fling week is full of fond memories for CCC students as it brings lots of fun activities, themed dress out days and friendly rivalry between the classes. Some of the activities include the annual Spike Night tournament and the ever-favorite Central Olympics where all four classes compete head-to-head to be champion! Bring all the spirit you can muster and join us for a week filled with fun and merriment.

Tech Club Game Night

Section Under Construction. Please bear with us.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Every November, the CCCHS School Community comes together to share our blessings with our local community. Through the Office of Campus Ministry, families and students are invited to donate canned goods and non-perishables to local organizations that include RCS – Religious Community Services. Our school realizes that hunger is a fact of life for some people 365 days a year, but for at least 8 days in the middle of November CCC is willing to mobilize with three collection sites on campus. The food is then sorted, organized, inventoried and ultimately blessed at our annual Thanksgiving & Grandparents’ Day Mass. Our ultimate hope with the Thanksgiving Food Drive is that by living simply we may help others to simply live.


The Praedator, CCCHS School Yearbook

The school yearbook, The Praedator, is produced by the students in Yearbook I. It has won many awards over its fifty-two year history.