Choosing to enroll your child in a school with a religious ministry is a great decision, but you might be wondering how to find the best Catholic high school in the Tampa Bay area. As parents, you naturally want what is best for your children, which is why a Catholic education is the best choice. Teaching is at the heart of Jesus’ ministry, and at CCCHS we firmly believe that in learning, you will teach, and in teaching you will learn, no matter the audience.

Exceptional Education through a Religious Foundation

At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, not only will we provide your children with an incomparable academic education, but we will provide them with a sound moral and religious foundation that they can build off for the rest of their life. We believe that our students should continue to grow in their understanding of themselves, their relationship with others, and their relationship with God.

Our students have the opportunity to gain the knowledge necessary to develop the skills and abilities to succeed in college, and later on in life. The best Catholic high school in Tampa Bay offers an environment where students can live out the values upon which their education is based upon. We encourage students to give back to the community through service; volunteer hours are even required to graduate.

Why Choose Catholic?

At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, we believe that all students should receive an academic education as well as spiritual guidance as they grow into their roles in society. We believe that religious and academic values go hand in hand; by working to their fullest capacity, constantly striving to improve themselves, and having integrity in everything they do, CCCHS students will develop a hearty appetite for life.

Education is the life force of the Church and is crucial to our mission to proclaim the goodness of Jesus Christ. The best Catholic high schools in Tampa Bay should aim to evangelize, not proselytize. At CCCHS, we give our students the opportunity to learn about Jesus’ mission, hope, and salvation.

Each year at CCCHS, 99% of our senior class goes on to further their education at a college or university. In addition, they receive over $5 million combined in scholarships! Before graduating, each student must complete a designated amount of community service hours, both on and off campus. The best Catholic high schools in Tampa Bay, no matter the size, allow for a personal education; CCCHS teachers know their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and how to best help them. In addition to the Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate Program, we also have an extensive tutoring center so each and every student has the opportunity to excel.

 Clearwater Central Catholic High School

At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, students learn to question, build confidence in their life choices, and experience a sense of accomplishment from their achievements. Over the last 50 years, we have worked hard become best Catholic high school of Tampa Bay. We have developed our core values through our years of experience, and instill them in our students; these values include:

  • Living Faith– It is our goal to encourage our students to grow within their faith through Catholic teachings, traditions, and experiences
  • Embodying Respect– CCCHS has a diverse student body, and want Marauders to learn to treat each other with respect and dignity they deserve as a child of God.
  • Valuing Service– Service is an essential part of the spiritual and moral development of children; we hope to inspire students to share their own God-given gifts.
  • Inspiring Excellence– We inspire excellence in all aspects of life at CCCHS; from academics to athletics to co-curricular programs.
  • Transformed for Life– It is our sincere hope that by carrying out these values, our students will be positively transformed for life, and are prepared to take their place in the world with confidence and respect.

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