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Alumnus Erin La Rosa’s publishes how-to book

CCC class of 2003 alumnus Erin La Rosa’s new book “Womanskills: Everything You Need to Know to Impress Everyone”, was released over the weekend. “Womanskills”, a how-to guidebook, is packed with helpful techniques and covers everything from how to respond to mansplaining to making a DIY wine rack. While you’ll find plenty of woman-to-woman information (fighting off cramps, cleaning your makeup brushes, and learning to say “no” to name a few), you’ll also learn how to grill a perfect steak, find a stud in the wall, understand the stock market, and snake a drain. Whether you’re headed to a birthday party and need to wrap that odd-shaped present in a hurry or you need a download on whiskey before book club, Womanskills has you covered.

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