Central Catholic Fund

Investing in Excellence

The Central Catholic Fund stands at the center of our annual Advancement efforts. It is the primary means by which our many constituents can meaningfully have an impact upon our mission by providing charitable gifts that support a quality faculty, integrate technology into our curriculum and enhance student programs and services. Our goal this year is $125,000.

Whether it’s serving as role model for our students, supporting them at events and games, volunteering your time, or making financial contributions in support of our mission – we need you to participate!

Each year, Clearwater Central Catholic High School relies on the generosity of parents, alumni, past parents and friends to support our mission through the Central Catholic Fund.Today there are over 5,500 alumni whose lives have been formed here at CCC in an environment nurtured by gospel values and faith. Your contribution is vital for CCC to continue to seed the future with committed and dedicated leap

Why is annual giving necessary? Find out here!

As one who values the quality of a Catholic education, we hope you will make Clearwater Central Catholic High School a charitable priority in your life by making a gift to the Central Catholic Fund. Participation is truly what matters as it demonstrates to everyone how a shared responsibility like this can make a difference in the life of the school and students. Your generosity, at any level, remains a vote of confidence in our efforts to help us continue the tradition of excellence and the breadth of mission that defines Clearwater Central Catholic High School.