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The mission of the Clearwater Central Catholic High School Marauder Mentor Program is to offer alumni mutually enriching relationships with distinguished alumni, in a forum allowing the continued education of the whole person, where they, as future leaders, can grow both personally and professionally within a community of Marauders across different generations.


The Marauder Mentor Program connects CCC alumni or students with CCC alumni who are willing to build a professional relationship with a mentee and share their career and college expertise with future leaders.

This program offers the opportunity for members of the CCC student and alumni communities to connect and grow personally and professionally. By providing a forum for college advice and career networking to alumni and/or current students, we are continuing our commitment to educate the whole person.

Alumni mentors, alumni mentees and CCC students can be matched based on college interests and future career goals. Alumni mentors are not required to live near their mentee, as most interactions can occur by telephone, text and email.

The mentor is neither obligated nor expected to offer a job, internship, or professional contacts to their mentee.

Each alumni mentor is expected to:

  • Be reasonably available to offer college, career advice and guidance
  • Suggest resources and activities to help the mentee enhance their skills
  • Assist their mentee in exploring the possibilities of life after high school/college graduation
  • Reach out to the mentee at least once a month
  • When mentoring a current CCC student, interact with their mentee via telephone, text or email only. Do not meet one-on-one with mentee unless the mentee is accompanied by a parent, or the meeting is held at CCC by arrangement of the CCC Alumni Office.

In addition, alumni mentors living in the area are encouraged to attend networking mixers to be held on the CCC campus three times each year. This is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet in person.

Each mentee is expected to:

  • Respect the time and advice shared by their alumni mentor
  • Be professional in their relationship with their mentor
  • Take advantage of the advice and resources offered by their mentor
  • For student mentees, interact with their mentor via telephone, text or email only. Students may not meet one-on-one with a mentor unless they are accompanied by a parent, or the meeting is held at CCC by arrangement of the CCC Alumni Office.
  • For student mentees, submit a signed permission form to the CCC Alumni Office before being matched with a mentor.

Program Goals

  • To continue development of students and alumni through mutually beneficial relationships.
  • To offer a valuable opportunity for members to seek and provide advice, and grow professionally through networking.
  • Illustrate to current students and young alumni how they can carry the skills they received during their CCC years into the wider professional world.
  • To foster a sense of community among Marauders of different generations.

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