“Marauder for a Day” Shadow Program

Thank you for your interest in the CCC “Marauder for a Day” Shadow Program!

The program is for 8th graders and prospective transfer students.

Shadow Days for the 2019-2020 School Year:

Shadow days for the 2019-2020 school year have come to a close.
Shadow days for the 2020-21 school year coming soon.


ALL students shadowing at Clearwater Central Catholic High School are required to register to shadow.  Please be aware that there is a maximum allowance of 10 students per Shadow Day, first come first served. Shadow dates often fill up months in advance, so schedule your day early! To scheduled your shadow day, please email Mrs. Shea McLaughlin tsheamclaughlin@ccchs.org and Ms. Sharer msharer@ccchs.org.

**All students shadowing will be paired with an approved 10th grade Student Ambassador** 

Check back for our upcoming Shadow Dates.

Shadow Program FAQ’s

Q: What is the Shadow Program?

A: The Shadow Program is an opportunity for prospective students to get a hands-on feel for CCC life. Your student will spend a portion of the day with a CCC Student Ambassador, attending classes and lunch. Students in 8th grade and prospective transfer students may participate in the “Marauder For A Day” Program only on dates posted on the Shadow Calendar. The Shadow Day is from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Q: Must students be accepted to CCC before they participate in this program?

A: Acceptance is not required; however, the program is reserved for 8th graders or high school students interested in transferring from another school to CCC.

Q: What should visiting students wear when they Shadow?

A: The dress code for shadow students is very similar to that of the CCC students:

Girls – Acceptable Dress

  • Blouse, polo shirt, or button-down shirt
  • Dress pants, khaki pants or long shorts
  • Current school uniform (if you have one)
  • Shoes with covered toes and heels
  • Tennis shoes

Girls – Unacceptable Dress

  • Denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean skirt)
  • Low or revealing necklines
  • Short shorts
  • Bare midriffs
  • T-shirts
  • Facial piercings (other than earrings)
  • Visible tattoos
  • Sandals, flip-flops, opened toe or backless shoes, “Ugg” boots, and slippers

Boys – Acceptable Dress

  • Dress pants/shorts (i.e. khakis, Dockers)
  • Polo shirt
  • Button down shirt
  • Current school uniform (if you have one)
  • Shoes with covered toes and heels
  • Tennis shoes

Boys-Unacceptable Dress

  • Denim of any kind (i.e. jeans, jean shirt)
  • T-shirts (must wear a collared shirt)
  • Excessively baggy attire
  • Facial piercings of any kind (including earrings)
  • Visible tattoos
  • Sandals, flip-flops, opened-toe or backless shoes, slippers

Q: How long is a typical Shadow Day?

A: Shadow visitors will arrive at CCC at 9:00 AM and report to the Matz Music Room, located in the atrium of the James B. White Performing Arts Center.  The Shadow day will end at 2:00 PM at the same location.  Students may be picked up in the car circle or in the Matz Music Room.

Q: Do visiting students need to pack a lunch?

A: The CCC Admissions office will provide each Shadow with a “Free Lunch Voucher” at the CCC Café.  A hot entrée with two sides is available with either a soda, a sweet iced-tea or bottled water. Sandwiches, wraps, and salads are available daily.  Of course, your student is welcome to bring his or her own lunch if they choose. They may store it in their Ambassador’s locker until lunch period.

Please Note: The Shadow Program is not to be used to visit friends for the day. The program is designed for students interested in making CCC their possible high school home. Thank you for your cooperation in making this worthwhile program a success for everyone involved.