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Tuition Information for 2018-2019

Affiliated Families*                            $12,400

Non-Affiliated Families                      $14,950

International Students                        $16,450

(Affiliated families receive a 10% discount for a second student)

Fees (All fees are non-refundable.)

Application (one-time)                        $100

Enrollment (annual)                            $250 if you re-enroll before 4/3/18, $350 after 4/3/18

International Baccalaureate Program  $700    (Junior & Senior Year)

Graduation (senior year events)          $300

Educational Resources Program         $900 (for freshman and sophomores and returning juniors)

$900 + $400 (for junior transfers)

$900 + $200 (for sophomore transfers)

Includes iPad, Books, Apps, iPad Insurance, Network and Tech Support

Estimated Costs

Books                                                  $600-$800 (for seniors)

Uniforms                                             $250-$500


Classes, athletic teams, and student clubs may have materials, dues, or other expenses throughout the year depending on the activities your student participates in.

Late fee of $75 and return check fee of $50 will be assessed when appropriate.

*Affiliated Families are practicing Catholics and are registered in a Catholic parish in the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

Late Registration/Early Withdrawals

  • Upon entering school after July 1, the tuition is due for the current and following month(s)
  • If a student voluntarily withdraws during the school year, tuition is due through the end of that semester. Any tuition assistance will be pro-rated.

International Students – Tuition and Fees must be paid before the first day of attendance.

Returning students’ enrollment fee will increase after deadline