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CCC Personal Growth Team


The CCC Personal Growth Team shall be charged to create a culture of community rooted in mission,

enriched by tradition and formed by values where each student is inspired to develop their full human potential and ensure personal growth is seen as the standard from which mission effectiveness is evaluated.

2015-16 Goals:

  • Establish a student centered approach to personal growth so that all aspects of school life are seen as a means by which personal growth can be modeled, nurtured, and encouraged.
  • Introduce and educate faculty, staff and parents as to the elements of how CCC defines personal growth for each student – social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and behavioral – and how each component is actualized through school programs, activities and services.
  • Define mission-aligned benchmarks for determining personal growth effectiveness.
  • Effectively train faculty, staff, coaches, moderators, and volunteer leaders on effective mentoring practices, leadership skills and intervention strategies.
  • >Establish communication protocol within the team to ensure an open, mutual and meaningful dialogue as the standard for analyzing efforts and impact on student personal growth.


  • Engage consistently with the School Counselors in developing specific intervention strategies to ensure student personal growth.
  • Establish processes to confidentially disseminate personal growth indicators among the team.
  • Review student personal growth indicators by student collectively among the team to develop     integrated response strategy to ensure improved personal growth outcomes.
  • The Dean should identify adverse trends school-wide impacting student personal growth and develop team intervention strategies and faculty, staff, coach, moderator and student professional/educational development opportunities as needed.
  • Integrate CCC core values more effectively in peer ministry and across student activities and athletics.
  • Introduce a “fresh start” initiative for incoming freshman aligned with core values of the school to    ensure an understood and embraced expectation of student behavior and social interaction.
  • Effectively assess and establish defined leadership opportunities within each student activity and club as a “model for servant leadership” instead of a dependency upon moderators to define roles.

The Assistant Principal guides the Dean for Personal Growth to ensure:

  • Core Values
  • Core Standards
  • Core Curriculum
  • Innovative Practices
  • Optimal Outcomes
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Transformative Improvement

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