The Religious Studies Department strives to educate the minds of students and touch their hearts so they develop a mature Catholic faith that will sustain them in their future. Catholic students leave Clearwater Central Catholic with the tools to explain, defend and live their Catholic Faith. Non-Catholic students leave with a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, with an openness to other religions, with a greater appreciation for their own faith traditions and with profound experience of community.

Religious Studies Department Goals

Upon the completion of his or her course of studies in Religious Studies, Clearwater Central Catholic High School graduate will be able to:

  1. Continue their religious formation in the Catholic tradition.
  2. Be prepared for college and beyond with a thorough foundation in Catholic belief.
  3. Develop critical thinking skills essential to theological and ethical thought and analysis.
  4. Apply theological and religious concepts to life’s everyday struggles and challenges.
  5. Appreciate the inherent value and meaning of his/her own religious beliefs and tradition.
  6. Make Catholic theological and religious values an integral part of his/her life.
  7. Spread the Gospel message through word and deed.