The Science Department at Clearwater Central Catholic High School provides students with a student centered, college preparatory curriculum. Learning science is an essential component of an individual’s life. The members of the Science Department aim to provide students with diverse teaching styles by utilizing the well-equipped laboratory facilities in conjunction with the integration of technology into the curriculum. Learning science embodies an understanding by providing a hands-on approach in order to integrate the processes, principles, tools, and the language of science. Therefore, a variety of courses from honors level to college-prep level are offered to encompass all students’ learning abilities. While meeting and surpassing the national and state standards, the CCC science department is committed to providing students with the knowledge that science is a necessary tool for solving everyday problems.

Science Department Goals

Upon the completion of his or her course of studies in Science, the Clearwater Central Catholic High School graduate will be able to:

  1. Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, to conceptually and abstractly reason using the scientific method.
  2. Use and learn safety and laboratory skills, techniques, methodology, and equipment.
  3. Make objective observations leading to educated conclusions.
  4. Engage in independent study.
  5. Know and appreciate the historical perspectives that led to today’s science.
  6. Successfully pursue a college level course of studies.
  7. Know and choose future career paths in science.

Department Highlights

  1. The Science faculty pride themselves on preparedness, enthusiasm and great rapport with students.
  2. The diverse backgrounds and specialties of department members provide students with a kaleidoscope of learning opportunities.
  3. Course offerings meet student’s varied needs and interests including higher level physics, chemistry and biology.
  4. Laboratory investigations in each class broaden and enhance hands-on knowledge and skills.
  5. Rigorous IB classes are available.
  6. Co-curricular science opportunities include Tech Club, Robotics, Science Fair, Lab Assistant program, and community service with local environmental agencies.
  7. High achieving students are invited to Science National Honor Society.
  8. Involves local guest speakers and programs to share experience and encourage scientific inquiry.