The Mathematics Department works to build-up a student’s confidence and self-esteem by enhancing their competency and understanding in mathematics.  Specifically, the members of the Mathematics Department aim to develop their students as problem-solvers; to encourage and expect them to apply learned concepts in situations beyond the realm of the classroom; to think clearly and logically; and to master those concepts and skills necessary for further study and for life.

Department Goals

After completing four years of mathematics at CCC, a student will:

  1. Develop the power of abstract concepts in a given situation and transfer this knowledge to new situations.
  2. Master those concepts and skills necessary for further study in mathematics and related fields.
  3. Think clearly and logically in situations involving chance and uncertainty.
  4. Realize the importance and practicality of mathematics in daily living and be able to use this science as a tool toward improving one’s own life.
  5. Relate learning experiences in mathematics to its function in the overall system of the sciences.
  6. Develop an appreciation for the usefulness of technology in mathematics.

Department Highlights

  1. The mathematics teachers are highly qualified and enthusiastic, demonstrating a caring attitude toward students.
  2. The mathematics teachers provide assistance to students before and after school as well as coordinating tutoring opportunities through the Math Honor Society.
  3. The curriculum is designed to provide classes to students with varying abilities.
  4. CCC graduates have a high success rate in college mathematics courses.
  5. The Mathematics Department articulates with middle school partner schools on a regular and frequent basis.