Success in the modern world depends more than ever on communication skills. The English Department engages students in the challenge to acquire the skills necessary for successful communication: reading, thinking, analyzing and writing. Through literature, writing assignments and class discussions, the English Department seeks to introduce students’ issues and ideas that will help them explore their own identity and the nature of the world around them.

English Department Goals:

Upon the completion of his or her course of studies in English, the Clearwater Central Catholic High School graduate will be able to:

  1. Write to communicate competently for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  2. Communicate using standard English grammar, usage, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
  3. Locate, select, and synthesize information from a variety of texts, media, references, and technological sources to acquire and communicate knowledge.
  4. Read and engage intellectually and sympathetically with literature from various societies, eras and cultures.
  5. Decipher complex material through the use of a broadly developed vocabulary.
  6. Perform above the national average on the ACT, PSAT, and SAT.

The Central Voice, CCCHS Student Newspaper

The school newspaper is printed six times a year and is distributed to students, faculty, and staff. The online newspaper contains multimedia and is updated weekly. Students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and others who are interested in the CCC community are encouraged to subscribe.

Both the print and online newspapers are critiqued yearly by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) and American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA). The Central Voice has been a Gold Medal and First Place award winner, respectively.

Visit The Central Voice and subscribe or follow is on Twitter.

Silent Epiphanies, CCCHS Student Literary Magazine

The school Literary Magazine, Silent Epiphanies, has a print and online presence that is both independent of and in association with the school newspaper, The Central Voice. This publication is supported by students enrolled in the creative writing class and by those who write poems, short stories or essays on their own. Student visual art is also spotlighted throughout the publication.

The Praedator, CCCHS School Yearbook

The school yearbook, The Praedator, is produced by the students in Yearbook I. It has won many awards over its fifty-two year history.