CCC Learning & Achievement Team



The CCC Learning & Achievement Team shall be charged to ensure a concerted commitment across all facets of school life and among all personnel are designed and managed to optimize student learning & achievement as the foundational basis to assess mission effectiveness at CCC.

2019-20 Goals:

  • Embrace a spirit of innovation and model innovative thinking and practices.
  • Establish a culture of shared understanding and commitment to the systems required to ensure optimal student learning and achievement.
  • Effectively train faculty/staff in and assess commitment to learning and achievement best practices.
  • Establish communication protocol among the team and the faculty and staff to ensure an open, mutual and meaningful dialogue as the standard.
  • Establish learning and achievement benchmarks to ensure measurable outcomes and data-points are readily available, shared, analyzed and acted upon.


  • Facilitate structured weekly team meetings consistently hosted and timed.
  • Establish a strategic, consistent and representative team agenda that is inclusive of current practices, strategic insights and data-points.
  • Integrate effective monitoring processes between the Assistant Principal and the Dean and between the Dean and the School Counselors, Curriculum Coordinator and the Learning Specialists.
  • Utilize a Learning and Achievement Dashboard that capsulate key data-points as the foundation for strategic insights, peer school comparisons, resulting recommendations and responding communications to ensure CCC best positioning toward optimal learning and achievement.
  • Ensure effective intervention processes and subsequent parental communication standards when a student’s learning and achievement outcomes fall below expected peer norms.
  • Engage consistently with the Director of Educational Technology to identify emerging educational technology trends that support learning and achievement outcomes.
  • Articulate learning and achievement guidelines for the enrollment management team to ensure a diverse and mission aligned profile of students are accepted and enrolled at CCC.

The Assistant Principal guides the Dean for Learning & Achievement to ensure:

  • Core Values
  • Core Standards
  • Core Curriculum
  • Innovative Practices
  • Optimal Outcomes
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Transformative Improvement