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Educational International Travel Opportunities

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is critical for our students to become more culturally aware, explore new ideas and grow their potential. Students who partake in this opportunity will grow their social skills, connect to their studies outside of the classroom and set themselves apart when applying to college and their future careers.

The following  travel opportunities are currently available.  Students who are interested in participating in any travel opportunity must complete the Intent to Participate Form for each trip.

Trips offered through EF Educational Tours:

  1. Spain/France/Italy (June 2019)

Click here for Intent to Participate form.

  • DISCLAIMER All EF Educational Tours are events organized and operated by  EF Educational Tours (Tour Operator) who will be responsible for the event. The event is not sponsored by or endorsed by the Diocese of St. Petersburg or by Clearwater Central Catholic High School, Inc., and therefore neither the Diocese nor the school are responsible for any aspect of the trip.  The role of the school in helping promote the event should not be deemed as an endorsement or a representation of any kind as to the event.  Participants should satisfy themselves as to the nature of the event and the safety of all travel arrangements to be made by the Tour Operator. Any questions should be directed to the Tour Operator.  Students can also earn credit on tours by creating their own online research projects.