The Clearwater Central Catholic High School Advisory Council is consultative-in nature and function. Its members assist the school’s President in the areas of planning, policy development, communications, and evaluation of the functioning of the school. Recommendations in these areas may be formulated by this Council and the President and presented to the Diocese of St. Petersburg (DOSP) Superintendent of Catholic Schools and Centers and to the DOSP Board of Trustees.




Executive Advisory Council

 Dr. John Venturella, President
Mrs. Beth Lani, Director of Advancement
Mr. Peter Cunzolo, Co-chair
Mr. Corey Wells, Co-chair
Dr. JoAnne Hopkins
Mr. John Rich
Mr. Steven Piazza ‘82

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Kimberly Cass
Mrs. Paulee (Coughlin) Day ‘87
Sr. Donna Daniels, SND
Mrs. Debi Jewell
Dr. Dean Koutroumanis
Mrs. Missy Liermann
Mrs. Janet Long
Mr. James Madden ‘68
Mr. Michael McGinn
Mr. Matthew Noyes ‘83
Mr. Brian Riley ‘98
Mrs. Nermine Rubin
Mrs. Carolyn Sramek
Mr. Darren Vermost

School Liaisons

Mr. James Deputy, Principal
Mrs. Janet Ashe, Director of Finance and Operations
Mr. Enrique Garza, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Tara Shea McLaughlin ’81, Director of Enrollment
Ms Mary Pat Sharer, Assistant to the President & Assistant Director of Enrollment
Mr. Andy Muñoz, Director of Educational Technology
Ms Lauren Spatola, Dean for Learning and Achievement
Mrs. Leanne Knoop, Dean for Personal Growth
Mr. Andy Shannon, Director of Campus Ministry
Mr. John Gerdes, Director of Athletics



Learning and Achievement
Dr. Dean Koutroumanis, Chair
Mr. Matthew Noyes ’83, Vice-chair
Mrs. Paulee (Coughlin) Day ‘87
Dr. JoAnne Hopkins
Mr. Michael McGinn
Mr. John Rich
Mr. Enrique Garza, School Liaison
Ms. Lauren Spatola, School Liaison
Mr. Andy Muñoz, School Liaison

Advancement Committee
Marauder Fest Co-chairs
Mrs. Karen Arango & Mrs. Jennifer Eckhardt

Golf Classic Co-chairs
Mrs. Amy (Madden) Swisher ’07 & Mr. William Elliott

Capital Campaign Leadership Committee
Mrs. Kimberly Cass
Mr. David Habib ’11
Mrs. Katie Turner
Mr. Michael Baralt ’88
Mr. Steven Piazza ‘82
Mrs. Beth Lani, School Liaison
Ms. Erin Murphy ’15, School Liaison

Facilities & Grounds Committee

Mr. Peter Cunzolo, Chair
Mr. Steven Piazza ’82, Vice-chair
Mrs. Kimberly Cass
Mrs. Janet Ashe, School Liaison

Mission Integration & School Life Committee

Mr. Darren Vermost, Chair
Mrs. Janet Long, Vice-chair
Sr. Donna Daniels, SND
Mrs. Debi Jewell
Mrs. Missy Liermann
Mrs. Dulce Roman
Mrs. Nermine Rubin
Mrs. Carolyn Sramek
Mr. Corey Wells
Mr. James Deputy, School Liaison
Mr. Andy Shannon, School Liaison
Mrs. Leanne Knoop, School Liaison

Enrollment Committee

Mr. Michael McGinn
Mr. Joseph Minutolo
Dr. John Venturella, School Liaison
Mrs. Tara McLaughlin ’81, School Liaison
Ms Mary Pat Sharer, School Liaison