As a Private College-Preparatory School in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Clearwater Central Catholic High School is committed to educating our students with the ideals of “minds for truth, hearts for love, and hands for service.” Our distinctive and focused academic program inspires students to fully develop their moral, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and creative potential, as well as learn to respect diversity in the world around them.

Educating young people is an awesome ministry; it is a process of leading one out of darkness and into the light—away from ignorance and towards truth. It is only together that we as faculty, administrators, staff, parents, and friends adequately meet the challenges of this new era while still maintaining the honor of our religious mission. At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, we believe that there is no greater gift we can give the world than to provide people of knowledge, gospel values, and faith.

True to our founding mission and enriched by our shared core values, Clearwater Central Catholic High School is a community of faith and lifelong learners. We aspire to develop leaders who respect themselves and others, who value service as a gospel calling, and who are inspired to excel in all endeavors.

Since opening in 1962, Clearwater Central Catholic High School has implemented our ideals of “Minds for Truth, Hearts for Love, Hands for Service.” With just over 500 students enrolled in grades 9-12, our teacher/student ratio is 1:15, allowing each student to receive the individualized attention they deserve. As a result, our students’ SAT and ACT scores are consistently higher than both the state and national average. After graduation, 99% of our senior class continues on to further their education at a college or university. More than half of our graduating seniors received college scholarships which totaled over $27 million.

This school admits students of any sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, and religion, and we allow equal rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to students.

CCC’s Core Values

Living Faith

We strive to encourage each and every student to grow within their faith by including Catholic teachings, traditions and experiences in the core components of our education.

Embodying Respect

At Clearwater Central Catholic High School, we aim to create a diverse student body in which every student is treated with dignity, respect, and as a unique child of God. All of our classrooms foster caring and respectful environments.

Valuing Service

We consider service to others an essential dimension of the spiritual and moral development of each student. We strongly encourage everyone to serve others, both in and out of the school’s community, by sharing their God-given talents.

Inspiring Excellence

Our excellent academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs attract and retain the very best administrators, faculty, and staff. Each student is supported and motivated to successfully pursue levels of higher education and/or other lifelong learning experiences.

Transformed for Life!

As a Catholic Community educating in accordance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we ensure all students grow in faith, expand their minds, act courageously, serve others, and are prepared to confidently take their place in the world. We educate for life!

A Catholic School for People of All Faiths

Teaching is the heart of Jesus’s ministry, and Private Catholic Schools are at the heart of the Church’s mission to proclaim God’s Word here on Earth. At CCCHS, we have a developing population of non-Catholic students, in which we whole-heartedly welcome! Our goal, as always, is to evangelize, not proselytize, and we aim to teach leadership in all aspects of life.

When speaking about Catholic schools, a Bishop in Northern Diocese stated the powerful idea that, “We teach because we are Catholic, not necessarily because our students are Catholic.”

Clearwater Central Catholic High School

As a part of the Catholic Christian community, we respect all faiths and teach leadership in all aspects of human life. We strive to instill the importance of respecting each other and embracing the call to service others into each of our students. In order to promote understanding, consistency, and honesty, we encourage open communication and treat everyone with love and compassion. We know that with great power comes great responsibility, and we firmly believe that, with knowledge and the power of Christ, our students can accomplish anything.